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Our Vineyard

Wines made from Heintz Ranch fruit are truly special because of our unique terrior. Heintz Ranch (established in 1912) is located in a valley, 6 miles west of the Bodega Bay coastline and surrounded by beautiful old Redwoods. The soil is primarily sandy loam. Because of the varied terrain, our 100 acre property has a variety of micro climates which fosters a perfect environment for growing our award wining Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Syrah varietals.

Care of the vines and land is as important at the terrior itself. As Landowner and Grower for the vineyard at Heintz Ranch, we take great care to preserve the land for future Heintz generations just as our forefathers did for us. All our wines begin with estate grown fruit for which we have total control over care, quantity and quality

Our Appelations


Sonoma Coast

Directly influenced by the Pacific Ocean with foggy mornings and a cool coastal climate, this appellation produces some of the most sought after Pinot and Chardonnay grapes.


Russian River Valley

A little farther inland from the coast and named after the Russian River that flows through, the Russian River Valley appellation is still considered a cool-climate area known for producing premium wine grapes.


Green Valley

This appellation, nestled in the Russian River Valley, carries those cool-climate characteristics through the wine produced here. These vineyards share this area with the Gravenstein apple- another cool-climate crop.

Our Winemaking


The care of the land is always our first priority and is the most important winemaking decision we make. Each plot is farmed gently and sustainably to ensure  future generations of the Heintz family will be able to enjoy this special location.

It is, however, the partnership between the Landowner/Grower and the Wine Maker that bring our outstanding wines full circle.

The apple trees are one clue. Blueberries and tangled thickets of blackberries and raspberries–and the densely-fruited jams, jellies and preserves they produce–are the other. Both reference a climate that is cool enough to bring out the most fully matured fruit flavors that Pinot Noir and Chardonnay can mount.

After a long friendship with Hugh Chappelle, Hugh joined Charles Heintz Vineyard as Consulting Winemaker starting with the 2012 vintage. Hugh's work with us includes overseeing both the Heintz and Dutch Bill Creek wines (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Rose of Pinot Noir).  We are thrilled and honored to be working with Hugh. He has great attention to detail that comes through beautifully in the finished wine product.

Our winemaking and production facility is located at Owl Ridge Winery located in Sebastopol, CA.